Return to meditation

I think I want to write down my thoughts on what is going on with me. Lately I have gone back and started rereading what I used to read on a regular basis. And that’s the Eleventh Step in the 12&12, especially the prayer written by St. Francis, who is not named as the author.

It’s a prayer I had gone over a lot of times in here, and now I’m there once again. Makes me grateful, because it is what helped me to renew my thoughts on living a spiritual way of life, which I learned from my old sponsor.

It gives me what I so desperately need now and then, a spiritual meditation. It helps me to focus on what I need to think about. From time to time back then, my old sponsor would get me to practice this a day at a time. But on and off I would find myself drifting off and not paying attention to what I need to do in order for me to stay sober. Meditation and prayer.

Anyway I’m glad I stopped and opened up the Eleventh Step and that prayer. It reminds me of my Higher Power and what I find I must do from time to time with alcoholics like myself. Especially newcomers, but also the sober alcoholics, who need help. I also need to be grateful to my Higher Power, as well as my old sponsor, his widow, and many of those old timers. Yet I can never forget so many of those today, who continue to help me stay sober and also grow along spiritual lines. I need to be grateful.