More to be done

I was reminded today of what I need to pay the most attention to. That’s the fact of our sober reality. Part of what we need to pay attention to. The first part I know that I need to focus on each day is my staying sober. Number One. The second is to help me to reach out and care for those who need help, especially a new alcoholic, who needs to get sober

I was really surprised today by a “young man”, whom I met a couple of times, who I thought had time in here. Yet he came up today and was reaching out for help. Still, I think he might have time in here, yet needs help. That makes me think I can do either one, helping the new person, or being able to help someone, who needs help. Time will tell me.

This made me grateful, because of late I have been focusing on the spiritual way of life I need to practice with others in this program. I came to realize lately that I need to reach out to others in here and help them anyway I can. Could be some, who have time, but in one way or another need to get help. And then there is always the new person.

I know my thinking has entered into my gratification I owe to my Higher Power for all that I have been given, starting with the First Step before I even knew what that was. It was my desperation to get sober. I prayed one night and asked for help, and woke up the next morning and alcohol was gone. Five days later I attended my first meeting in AA, and discovered the First Step. And then my second sponsor introduced me to the Second Step…the Spiritual life, and my beginning to develop a relationship with my Higher Power. And, of course, I owe much to my old sponsor, and all those old timers, who helped me, as well as so many in here, who also have reached out and given me the help I need. I am very, very grateful for all of this. It’s not that I haven’t been practicing over my time in here, but I found I was slowing down and recognized that I need to go deep within and then bring this way of life out more into the open…one day at a time.