Hope and patience

One of the things that seems to be a constant in my life is hope. In meetings I hear that and keep harping on it myself. Hope is too important. When I find my faith flagging, and it does, I can always go back to hope. St. Paul described faith as the substance of hope; the evidence of things not seen. Hope is the underpinning of faith. Faith in my life might not be evident. In fact, I sometimes wonder about my faith. But, if I keep the fires banked on hope, it always changes my outlook on everything.

That means perseverance. Hanging in and having patience. It’s not expectation or even anticipation. That’s too much anxiety producing. But just hope and waiting. Waiting for what? I never know. Just waiting and watching. Sooner or later, it is replaced by the faith I seek. Maybe that’s it.

Where I see it most is in the people around me. The evidence of things not seen. People getting sober and staying sober. Me staying sober, despite the setbacks in my life. It sometimes comes as a surprise, in spite of the time I have in. How did that happen? How did I not pick up a drink in all the ups and downs? I don’t know. Kathy and I have talked about that over and over and this guy up here, Joe, an old classmate of mine, who has almost 30 years.

Anyway, things change. They always do. Sometimes they are the clear evidence of hope. Sometimes not so clear. But one thing I do know is that hope seems to be always fulfilled. Just one day at a time.

Just some thoughts on a bright, warm, September afternoon.