About This Site: The author of these thoughts found out early in sobriety that writing his thoughts down helped him focus on that which was important — sobriety. As electronic communication began to expand over the years he would, on occasion, send his thoughts to one or a few close friends. Often the recipients would forward them on to others who sometimes would contact Ned directly and ask to be included on his “email list”. Over time, this list began to become fairly large (and a bit unwieldy.)

In 2009, Ned was approached by a few of his friends who urged him to move his writing to a blog. Knowing firsthand the dangers of his ego, Ned was reluctant. After consultation with his sponsors, he finally agreed to give the blog a chance, as sort of a test.

This site is that test.

About Ned: Ned came into the program in January of 1972. He writes these thoughts for himself, but is happy to share them if someone else finds them helpful to maintaining sobriety.